Yes, she's Claire. And sometimes she's very random, so here's the plan.
Sundays are for something she watched Mondays are for music Tuesdays, something she read
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Fridays for fashion
Saturdays, are surprises (coz she's not good with surprises)

8th July 2012

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To survive working Sunday (Taken with Instagram)

To survive working Sunday (Taken with Instagram)

1st May 2012

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Got this from Neil Gaiman.

Got this from Neil Gaiman.

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11th January 2012

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4th January 2012

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Highlights of NYC 2011: Times Square :)

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31st December 2011

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2011, I’m grateful.

2011 was a great year, overall.

I’ve learned and done a lot of new things, built new relationships and strengthened existing ones— things that matter to me most.
So, even if I was not able to commit to my 2011 resolution/plan, I would not have it any other way.

To every one I spent time, shared stories, laughter, tears, fear, and whatever shenanigans there is, I GENUINELY THANK YOU. Thank you for being a part of an awesome 2011.

I’m guessing 2012 will just be the same. I tell myself to be this, less of that, more of this. But it would really not go the way I planned/wanted it to be. So I just condition myself that I would have what I need for that moment, that time. Maybe not what I want, but just what I need. I’m still a fan of perfect timing and patience.
I keep reminding myself this, and I could brave the dragon year ahead.

HAPPY 2012 everyone!

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28th December 2011

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Still the highlight of NYC 2011. I wanna see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs again!

Still the highlight of NYC 2011. I wanna see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs again!

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6th December 2011

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4th December 2011

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2046 (Wong Kar-wai)

2046 (Wong Kar-wai)

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2nd December 2011

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@yademos HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PAMAE! >:D< I think iz her kilig fez. Heeee. :>

28th November 2011

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But that’s all right, sometimes, sunlight comes streaming through the holes.

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